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Think about the tools one used to fly, a few decades ago (sweep the cursor over the images for more info).

Study and Flt Planning stuff were scarce
Most of the times, updates were expensive and arrived too late, when many changes were not even effective any more.
Flight Calculation resources were poor
Highly inacurate and prone to gross errors.
Telecom resources were restricted
There were no fax machines yet, let alone Internet. Communication was restricted to analogic lines, mail service and Telex, for the big companies.
This "evil machine" - TELEX - would waste us whole days
Overflight permits had to be made via Telex, as the permits had to be carried on board.
Only way a pilot could be on standby
Once the aural warning sounded, a race towards a public phone booth would begin. Cell phones were far from existing...

Now everything has changed and changes all the time, except...many things don't!

Pilots - especially the ones who fly corporate aircraft with small corporate flight departments - are still pressed by last minute flight demands, paperwork required by the civil aviation authorities, internal audits posed by their own "mother company", interacting with Maintenance etc.

It does not matter how good technology has become. Pilots - mainly lead pilots / chief pilots - still have to "handfly their desks" as much as they fly their aircraft, which causes them high stress, decreases their time off with family and sometimes even decrease their performance where it is most necessary, i.e. inside the flight deck. Else most of the times it just does not work satisfactorily, besides consuming internal resources with tasks totally strange to the organization's main core business. At the end of the day, the same happens to the maintenance staff (most single aircraft ops only hire one AMT, if any).

What could be the solution? For large fleets, 3rd party jet management might be the way to go, though it obviously has its pros and cons. For small flight departments though, handling their single aircraft to a Part 135 operator might not be to the best of the company's interest, as those are usually too expensive and/or too complex packages, aircraft's availability can be compromised due to charter flights possibility etc...

Our background resides on managing small corporate flight operations in one of the harshest environments for general aviation ever. South America has highly regulated and restricted civil aviation systems, with piles of unreasonable bureaucracy and senseless demands. Because we are qualified and experienced for the worst, working with other markets is relatively easy for us. Our services include - but are not limited to:

- Assisting you / your corporation with airplane purchase decision, through strategic studies which analyse all aspects of the corporation's travel needs;

- Assisting HR departments with recruitment and selection of pilots, mechanics, engineers and any staff related to the corporate flight department's structure;

- Nationalizing /denationalizing / arranging offshore aircraft registry;

- Providing Virtual Trip Support (preflight briefings and Flight Documentation, entry requirements, overflight and landing permits, risk assessment / AvSec, Flight Monitoring, FBO-Handling reservations etc);

- Managing Subscriptions (ARINC Direct, Airplane Manager, Traxall, Flight Aware, RadarBox, Jeppesen Charts Databases and packages, international fuel releases and fuel cards, official AIP publications contracts etc). 

Should you wish more information on how we can help making your corporate flight department run smoothly, thus releasing your own personnel to focus on the operation itself, please feel free to contact us any time:

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16.10 | 18:10

Procurando um helicóptero R44 com pouco tempo voado, ou com disponível até o OH. Obrigado.

21.08 | 16:48

Gostaria de um contato para informações sobre aviões agrícola. Obrigado.

02.06 | 14:33

Os Srs. ainda transladam aviões agrícola? Gostaria dum contato. Obrigado.

18.01 | 23:56

Vcs trabalham com aeronaves agrícola, tambem? Obrigado.

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